Kingdom and Kinsman - Two New Faces

Two new faces have debuted and collectors are going gaga over both of them.
This is the face of Draig (but not the actual doll) who will be released some time in October.

She has the most intriguing Asian sculpt I've ever seen. I love her in both versions above as a blonde and as a brunette. A new hand sculpt with "Stiletto Nails" will come with Draig. I cannot wait to see her!

The Kinsman has undergone dramatic changes. This is Lancelot in (almost) all his glory. You are seeing a comparison shot between him and Garrick. He is a highly refined version and I like him. I wonder if he will be able to wear other male dolls' clothes. That would be a bonus.


No specific information regarding prices or exact release dates has been issued. 


Cyborg Dasha Redressed

I ordered "Cyborg Night Out" from Culte de Paris on Etsy. It took a month to get here from California, but the wait was worth it. It's well made and fits perfectly. The jewelry she's wearing was not included but was made by Culte de Paris, too.

The doll's irreverent pose, above, suits her "resting bitch" facial expression and the fashion. I love the whole look. I think she'll be wearing this for a very long time.


New Kingdom Doll Photos

Chaucer wearing a fashion by Magdalena Bareja. The wig is from Kingdom Doll Viola.

Savile models a Tonner gown from a doll called "Cyclone Cantata." Her wig was made by Ilaria.

Viola is wearing an Antonio Realli gown and jewelry by Integrity Toys. Wig by Ilaria in the first photo. I'm not sure who created the platinum wig or the rhinestone jewelry in the second photo.

The second photo of Viola was shot on an iPhone using it's built-in flash. I did tone down some of the glare on her face and chest. You can see that the highlights in her wig are burnt out with no detail. It's far from a perfect way to take pictures but the doll is gorgeous anyway!

Arnamentia is wearing her gorgeous beaded jacket created by Priya Desu Bohra, a Tonner's Precarious "Scandal" skirt and jewelry, possibly by Joy Jared. The wig was made by Cheryl Wood.
She is the newest release from Kingdom Doll and I plan to spend lots of time redressing her.

Looking seriously bored.

My doll room is in a different part of the house from my studio where I take pictures. After I redress a doll, I take pictures with my iPhone. Once in a while they turn out OK, like the one below of Arnamentia wearing her original wig.

Below is a silly photo of Viola and Arnamentia seated on furniture I recently acquired during Horsman's amazing sale. The tables and mirror in the photo are Horsman as well.


New GENX.2 Doll: VIRIDIAN DD_109

Today a new Sybarite was released. They're coming very fast these days, aren't they?
Here is the description from the Superdoll website:


''Brrrrrr!' I'm so glad its getting cooler, I can finally wear more clothes!'.
Viridian is first into the Tea House and hopes no one notices she did not take off her boots to walk on the Tatami!.

Venus can't wait for the tea time games they will play in the miniature chashitsu created for them in the London Salon.

GENX.2 body!
Cosmetique skintone!

With memories of Harajuku, Venus hair is a vibrant titian, a choppy cut and longish sideburns and mullet back; the top pulled up into a fin and gently smoothed backwards.
Her eyes surrounded in shades of vermillion and pink with pale lids, dark black liner and arched dark mocha brows. Her piercing emerald eyes are offset with burnt jade. Lips the colour of late, late seasons tangerine.
An emerald coat of short pile 'fur' bears a huge collar and cuffs in medium 'fox' dyed exquisitely to match. Closures of dagger toggles and from within, a 'happy' pumpkin colour lining. In seam pockets and 'leather' foiled detailing go without saying.....
She slips off her coat to bare a satin, chiffon and lace 'wearable daytime' negligee, bearing accenting lime coloured rope in a knotted Kikkou. Maybe just a small hint as to just what kind of tea party this is going to be!
Furthermore she wears a shade of emerald that is 'just so' for her full length hose, a metal studded, latex and satin bag with chain straps just big enough for maybe a rope or a teapot. On her feet, fiendish multi layer platform sole ankle boots in green satin with peek a boo lace up sides and oodles of 'fur' trimming the cuffs.

The last of summers green; to reveal the Autumns beautiful hues.
Let the Games begin!

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)
In stock and ready to be delivered
Price: £259.34 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


 £259.34 = $345.17.
What do you think?


Miss Amour and Powder Puff Poppy Parker Dolls

I was pretty shocked that I won the lottery opportunity to purchase these new Poppy Parker dolls.

You can probably venture a guess as to why I would feel that way. 

They arrived yesterday and I shot a few iPhone pictures. I will not be deboxing them as I plan to trade them if I see something from the Fashion Royalty convention that I want. Or, if someone makes me an offer I can't refuse...

They are lovely and if I were a Poppy Parker collector I would be thrilled to add them to my collection. They come in adorable window boxes and make pretty displays even without being out of the box. Hooray for those who don't debox.

Miss Amour's pink gown is delightfully frilly and feminine. She comes with a perfume bottle. I originally thought that I'd keep this gown as PP's clothes do fit Monogram dolls of which I have several.

Powder Puff comes with a cute white teddy bear and a diary and is dressed in a frothy bedtime lingerie set.

Both dolls were $120. each plus postage.

Here are two IT promo shots for reference:


Fashion Royalty Elise Dressed by Fu Zin Dolls

 This gown is called "Purple Reign."  It's another example of the fabulous work of the talented people in our doll world. Rudi Teruel carries Fu Zin creations exclusively. They are very limited editions and Rudi announces them on FaceBook.

This is a hand made, hand embellished deep purple gown, reminiscent of a Dior, with multiple layers of fabric, each worked differently. The panels are wired as well as beaded and sequined.

I have to take more pictures of this gown. It needs to be adjusted to look the way it was intended.

The background is all wrong as I was just too lazy to put up something else.  Excuses, excuses.

You can probably get the idea in spite of my lame attempts.