Kingdom Dolls

I rarely post here these days. Much water has passed under the proverbial bridge. Today I thought I'd just show off more recent photos of some of my beautiful Kingdom Dolls.  All of the wigs shown are by Ilaria except where noted. Furniture is a mixture of Ashton Drake for Gene Marshall and Horsman.

In this photo, Eira is wearing items from Seren's giftset.

Guinevere in the foreground wearing Superdoll and Liberty in the background wearing Tonner.

Helen in her original fashion and wig.

Liberty wearing Tonner.

Marconi wearing Seren's dress.

Morgana in an Ilaria Wig.

Seren dressed in her own fashions from "Weekend in Bath."

More Seren wearing Antonio Realli gown and "The Queen's Necklace" from Facets.

Star Wearing Viola's Fashion.

Vanbrugh in her original fashion with a wig change.

Chaucer wearing one of Seren's dresses. Wig by Cheryl Wood.


Note: These are my dolls and are not for sale.

If you are looking to buy Kingdom Dolls, you can sign up to be on their mailing list by going to their website and filling in the appropriate spot.




Occasionally, a Kingdom Doll can be found on eBay.


Kingdom Doll Nimue

I just found this post in my 'Drafts' folder. It's strange that I never published it.

Nimue is wearing a gown by Antonio Realli. Her gold wing shrug came from Guinevere earrings from Facets.

Another Kingdom Doll shot:

Viola in Antonio Realli, Ilaria Wig, Facets Earrings


Outlander Claire Fraser Costumes

Since seeing Tonner's Claire Fraser dressed in the big gorgeous red dress she wore to attend the French Court in the eighteenth century. I've been obsessed with trying to find photos of Claire's actual costume including her shoes. There are hundreds of images to be found on the internet but none better than these that show the entire shape of the gown with detail.

In these photos, one can see that the voluminous drape of the skirt is not created with pleats but with insanely full and tight gathering of fabric which would be nearly impossible to recreate in a small scale. The waist drops to a V in the front and the bodice is very low cut. 

There is no opening in the fabric at the front of the skirt as there seems to be on Tonner's gown. 

Here is Tonner's gown with the two areas of concern. In order to create the fullness of panniers, their pattern maker created a seam with pleats. I think it looks awful. The other area is the flap at the front of the gown. 

I realize that production must take into mind costs of construction and the scale but I would have preferred some other solution. 

Do you think the photographer was inspired by the photograph below to have the doll holding her skirts up?

 The actual shoe worn by the actress:

For more information on Outlander's costume designer, Terry Dresbach and Season 2's inspiration, read this article from Vanity Fair:



Robert Tonner Presents Claire Fraser

Claire Fraser   16" vinyl  Edition Size 300     Price $235.

Happily Ever After sent out notification of the arrival of this long anticipated doll. Sadly, one still cannot see her face. Neither does the gown show well. What is going on with the pleating? It looks like one side is pleated and the other is mildly pleated.
I hope this is just the photographer's blunder and not the actual gown. This is a promotional photo after all and not the actual doll.
I did not order the doll. I'm waiting for Jamie.


Reproduction 1962 Barbie Dream House with Doll

I may have mentioned about a thousand times that I have never been a Barbie collector. (IMO Silkstones don't count.) Deciding to buy this reproduction Dream House was all about finding out what the big deal was.

Mine came directly from Mattel although they somehow lost my order and screwed up in a few other ways. This was a big box weighing about 10 pounds.

Like a child without supervision, I snapped all the pieces out of the five heavy coated cardboard sheets before reading directions or planning.

In any event, I managed to make it through the furniture except for the lamp. I couldn't get the lamp right and I think I lost or tossed two plastic comb-like pieces that hold the sides in place. The rest was all very easy to do and came out surprisingly sturdy.

A few other Mattel dolls were thrown in along with the furniture and here are the pictures.

So now that I have this gigantic thing, what am I going to do with it?


If you plan to purchase one, you can get if for various prices other than list. Check your local Walmart, Target and other large stores. eBay has many for sale. Some are offering free shipping as does Mattel on orders of $39. plus.